The Good,
the Clean
and the Fair.

The philosophy of good, clean and fair defines in an elementary way the characteristics that a wine must have. Good, relative to the sense of pleasure deriving from the organoleptic qualities of a wine, but also to the complex sphere of feelings, of memories derived from their affective value.
Clean, that is, produced respecting ecosystems and the environment; which means conform to the concepts of social justice in production and marketing environments.
Starting from this philosophy Franco Francesco has planted its vines keeping in mind the environment that surrounds them, the most suitable type of soil for the varietal choice, the climate of our hills, the ground and above all from the sun exposure … all this allowed us to obtain quality wines.

Our wine cellar.

In the wine cellar the wine refines in oak barrels, in stainless steel barrels; over the years have been built plants for the temperature control in order to enhance the fragrance and freshness and to maintain the aromas of the grapes. The automatic bottling line permits us to lighten our work, we think that today technology helps us to save the efforts of the past and, thanks to the achieved experience, allows us to give our best and get great satisfaction and new excitement from what we do.
Today, we accompany our wine around the world and we continue to follow personally and directly each stage of the processing from the vineyard to the cellar to the  sales, and everything allows us to convey the passion and the love for what we do, we personally cultivate and produce good wine and in these times when everything seems to change we want to keep the origins and the tradition handed down for generations. This is our challenge for the future.

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