Like the double F has conquered the Norwegian palates!

Today we want to tell you about the journey our wines made on May 15, 2019, a fairly long journey to a small northern European city: Svelvik, a Norwegian municipality in the county of Vestfold. Wine consumption in Norway started very late, during the 1950s, but only since the beginning of 2000 has it increased dramatically, so much so that Norway became one of the Scandinavian countries with a high consumption of wines, in particular red wines and sparkling wines. But what did we do in Norway? We went to this beautiful land to represent our wines! It is well known that in Norway, one does not drink or buy poor quality wine, being a very rich and prosperous territory, the Norwegians are very selective in the choice of food and wine. Ours is, in reality, a collaboration that was born in 2016 together with a young and, not even very small, company of 16 members: Structure Wine AS, among the members of the company we want to appoint Sverre Magnus Holen, with over 13 years of experience from Vinmonpolet and, in general, in the wine sector. The name of this company has a very specific meaning: Structure, like the structure of the wine and its components, the balance between tannins, acidity, alcohol and sweetness that characterize and give a precise identity to a good wine.

Maurizio Franco, titolare della cantina Franco Francesco, con le bag in box in Norvegia.
Maurizio Franco, owner of the Franco Francesco winery, in Norway to represent the winery’s bag in box!

We stayed in Norway for three days, during which we got to know all the members of Structure Wines AS and to taste, together with them, our wines. We started in the afternoon with the reds: Barbera d’Asti, Barbera d’Asti Trej Amis, Nebbiolo and Barolo. The tasting was conducted and guided by our export manager Tiziana, who described our red wines accurately and in detail. In the evening, a fish dinner was held, during which we had the chance to taste white wines: Chardonnay, Roero Arneis, Pinot and Moscato d’Asti.

i soci Structure Wines As impegnati nella degustazione dei nostri vini
Structure Wines AS members engaged in the tasting of Franco Francesco wines
I vini bianchi Franco Francesco presenti anche in Norvegia
Franco Francesco white wines also present in Norway!
 Our export manager, Tiziana Valbusa, together with the winery owner Franco Francesco, Franco Maurizio and one of the members Structure Wines AS, Sverre Magnus Holen
Maurizio Franco, Tiziana Valbusa (export manager of Franco Francesco winery) and Sverre Magnus Holen

What to say, it was a very important journey for us, getting to Norway was a great result for our small company. We are happy to know that from today, when a Norwegian is looking for a wine that can transmit emotions, he can buy the Franco Francesco wines. We are equally happy to be able to represent Italy, especially Piedmont, in a state like that of Norway.

La Barbera che ha conquistato i palati dei norvegesi, la Barbera d'Asti  DOCG Trej Amis!
The Barbera that has won over the Norwegian palates, the Barbera d’Asti DOCG Trej Amis!
Maurizio Franco con i soci della Structure Wines AS
Maurizio Franco, owner of the Franco Francesco winery, with the members of Structure Wines AS

We think that working honestly with passion and dedication always leads to excellent results, for us this trip and seeing our wines arrive in Norway was a great satisfaction!

Good week to you all!

Franco Francesco Winery

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