Dolcetto d’Alba and Nebbiolo d’Alba, an autumn dressed in red

With the arrival of autumn we have abandoned fast, fresh and very light dishes. If you ate fried fish or mixed salads before dinner, with the arrival of October and November we moved on to more elaborate meals such as lasagna and roast meat. By changing the diet, it comes by itself, even changing wines; with such elaborate and seasoned meals it is mandatory to combine tannic wines, wines that can clean and dry our mouths. In this article we will talk about those that we believe are the most consumed wines during the autumn season: Dolcetto d’Alba DOC and Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC.

Important dinners need equally important wines

Let’s start by talking about Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, a Piedmontese red wine of ancient origins. The name “Dolcetto” alludes to the sweetness of the grapes used to produce it, it is a ruby ​​red wine with violet reflections, with a rich aroma of fruit such as plum, cherry and blackberry. In the mouth, the Dolcetto has a good structure with very sweet tannins, we perceive a moderate acidity that returns with a pleasant sensation of freshness on the palate. Dolcetto d’Alba DOC goes perfectly with roast meats and game, the absolute protagonists of this season, but also with good medium-aged cheeses. Franco Francesco proposes a 750 ml Dolcetto d’Alba DOC, produced from the best 100% dolcetto grapes grown on the hills of Vezza d’Alba. Our Dolcetto d’Alba blends perfectly with the typical dishes of the Piedmontese culinary tradition, such as that of Bagna Cauda.

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC Franco Francesco

The Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC, on the other hand, has noble origins which are also very ancient. In the past, Nebbiolo was a wine consumed mainly by wealthy aristocratic families, which is why it is still considered a highly prized wine. Nebbiolo d’Alba presents itself to the eye with a ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections, a decidedly fruity and very wide perfume with hints of violets and strawberries well mixed with others of spices, such as white pepper. In the mouth, instead, we perceive a fresh and enveloping taste, with soft and well-structured tannins. Franco Francesco proposes a Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC, 750ml, made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes grown on the hills of Vezza d’Alba. It is a wine that perfectly holds an entire meal, from the first to the second. A wine that can be paired with dishes based on beef, pork, wild boar, poultry, braised meat and flavored with fatty sauces. It is not uncommon to find Nebbiolo d’Alba alongside pasta first courses seasoned with elaborated ragùs but, above all, Nebbiolo is the ideal wine to drink together with the Alba truffle, another traditional Piedmontese specialty.

Nebbiolo d’Alba DOC Franco Francesco

The Dolcetto d’Alba and Nebbiolo d’Alba produced by Franco Francesco can be tasted in the cellar through tasting packages offered by us, tastings accompanied by typical Piedmontese dishes and cured meats. You can buy them instead, directly in the cellar or by writing an email to, we ship all over Italy. We also remind you to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, where we regularly publish news and events related to our winery. Finally, by subscribing to the newsletter and participating in a tasting of your choice, you will be entitled to a bottle of Cortese for free.

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